The Earth is Online Complete!

Hello everyone,

I have completely finished translating EO and all remaining chapters will be released today. Check back every few hours for new chapters.

This has been one of my favourite novels to translate, no matter how hard or long some of the chapters were, and just one of my favourite novels altogether. Thanks for going on this journey with me and I appreciate all the readers and donators.

Now here’s chapter 233 & 234 to start off the EO day.

Chapter 233

Chapter 234

Game Live Broadcast Temporarily Paused

An uptick in work means I can only pick up one new project after EO ends. I had to make a decision and eventually picked Game Loading, mainly because Game, Live Broadcast’s chapters eventually become 9k-10k, which is three times longer than a GL chapter.

This will be temporarily paused or can be seen as a teaser. Since I’m not the type to hold onto novels when I’m not translating, anyone who wants to can pick it up while it is on hiatus.