New BL Novels Released!

This is the announcement for my new BL novels.

The first one is called First Lazy Merchant of the Beast World. It’s a fairly short novel at 90 chapters and I just wanted to do something relaxing and sweet. It will be hosted on another site, Chrysanthemum Garden, which has plenty of excellent BL novels for you to check out!  Please support and follow this novel over there.

Link to Table of Contents

I had actually only been planning to pick up this novel and attempt two chapters a day for it, like GLS. Then I got sucked into another pit and picked up another novel. Thus, my attention will be split.

The other novel is called Dangerous Survival in the Apocalypse. Chapter length for this varies and some chapters can be really long. Thus, releases for this novel might be slower than the other ones. Check it out below.

DSA Table of Contents

BL Reading List Added

I’ve been trying to write this list for ages and finally finished.

This is a list of the Chinese BL novels I’ve been reading. Most of them are untranslated and the few translated ones were picked up after I added them to the list.

I will be regularly updating this list and mark it clearly whenever it is updated.

Last Update: 08/05/2019

Reading List Link

GL Chapter 233

Chapter 233