Return of Godly Control: Table of Contents

return          Return of Godly Control (신컨의 재림)

Laden was the PVP Emperor of the virtual reality game ‘Fantasia.’

He was defeated and passed over.

Now after 5 years, he is returning to the new game ‘Valhalla!’

This is a vrmmorpg novel that has 8 volumes published and is still ongoing.

Author: Wooden Horse (목마)

Translator: Rainbow Turtle


Chapter 0:Five Years Ago
Chapter 1: Night Visitor
Chapter 2: Connection
Chapter 3: White Tiger Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 4: Blue Dragon Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 5: Back Alley
Chapter 6: Teeth
Chapter 7: Snow White
Chapter 8: Dispatched

14 Replies to “Return of Godly Control: Table of Contents”

  1. It has potential but it is hard to tell how much yet. I’m not very interested in martial artist characters, thought, but not to the point where I wouldn’t give it a try if turtle decide to officially translate it.


  2. I read that we will be given an option to vote for the series we like. If so, when will it start and hoe long will it open for. Thanks for the teasers though. They are super interesting. I loved this one 🙂

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  3. Turtle, you are the worst person I have ever encountered. How am I supposed to choose which story to vote on!

    Jokes aside, you have so far dug up two series I am extremely eager to read. And I can only imagine at least one of the other three will be compelling as well. My only regret is that for now only one will be chosen. Thank you very much for finding these unknown stories and bringing your gift for fast and accurate translations to them. I am sure I will enjoy it no matter what you choose to translate, you have excellent taste.

    You are a wonderful person and you bring a daily dose of joy into all of our lives. Thank you.

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  4. Wow I got goosebumps reading this teaser ahhhh I want to read the first teaser and this one turtle why hurt me sooooo lol


  5. This is good, I’ll vote for this teaser later.
    I want to buy this series since I saw the price is quite cheap (when converted into my country currency) even though this series is good enough but I cant read/understand korean language for now ._.


  6. Kinda looks like ATL but ., he really will go for the revenge . And he is desperate to beat him down..having a human villan. Much like LMS …If it has more romance than LMS then’s great. And can you please choose something which has a little more which the protagonist is not dull about LOVE. That’s much appreciated…
    And tnx your work is great ….you have more tenacity than anyone else to translate such big novels by yourself…hats off…


  7. I rate this teaser 9.99!! over 10

    This is it! The LN of prophecy! the one who will bring balance to the force! i might possibly be speaking prematurely but this will be my vote, unless you bring a deathnote-level LN after this. i know some of you likes the 2nd one cause its different, but i actually like this cause it’s the same as lms/ark, also i don’t think there will be boring moments the basing it on the way the author wrote the first two chapters, and i think there are a lot to expect and a lot of possibilites with its setting, i hope most of us votes for this. thanks for all the LNs turtle!

    1.Plot = 9
    call me bias but even though its like a copy of lms i still like it, i believe i shouldnt rank it low just because its similar to another novel’s plot. it’s simple yet good,

    2. Charisma of MC = 9
    Well he’s the king of pvp, that in itself is charisma if i may say, just like, vash the stampede, battousai the slasher, wargod weed. being the best right before the story starts gives you something to expect and you have the subconscious respect for the character right away

    3. Writing style = 8
    im gonna be honest, i shouldnt have put this criteria here. i dont know a shit about it. on second thought, its hard for me to tell if its really good, but at least i know if its shitty or if i have a hard time understanding it. and i have no problems with this one and the first one

    4.Page turner = 15.99/10
    that’s it! im officially a bias person, but honestly if a certain criteria on a story is so good, it actually makes you forget the bad parts. lets say for example “one piece’s” drawing sucks
    but the story voids its drawings shortcomings. i really want to know what happens next, period

    5.Twist/Miscellaneous = 8
    id say the twists are 1. he is a martial artist unlike most LN MCs. him being the king is one too, and the girl’s lame excuse that she is simply a fan which makes you think there’s more to it. he also has this rival right at the start.


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