Raid Breaker: Table of Contents

raid       Raid Breaker (레이드 브레이커)

The existence of ‘Knights’ who have awoken special powers.

The boss ‘monsters’ that have embraced the dimensional power of the dungeons.

The ‘Titan’ that was an important tool in monster hunting.

And Kang Su-hyuk who obtained an entirely new type of power.

Now a new type of raid has begun!

This novel is complete with 9 volumes published.

Author: Sung-jin (성진)

Translator: Rainbow Turtle


Volume 1

Chapter 1: Opening Pandora’s Box
Chapter 2: Dungeon Cleaner
Chapter 3: Beyond the System
Chapter 4: Level Up and Transcender
Chapter 5: 3 Star Dungeon
Chapter 6: Survival and Transcendence
Chapter 7: New Skill Core
Chapter 8: Cleaning Up
Chapter 9: Yong’s Colony
Chapter 10: Red Zone
Chapter 11: Island of Death
Chapter 12: Growth
Chapter 13: Through the Despair

28 Replies to “Raid Breaker: Table of Contents”

  1. this one look like much more intersting than the demon thingy which is in my view avereage a most and even booring

    looking forward for the net chapter

    thanks for sharing ^^


  2. Demon king seems interesting but this one looks awesome. i wonder what kind of skills he unlock and how will he evolve them ;does he receive electric skills like Cole (infamous) or somekind of bio weapon like a parasite.will he become a knight or he remain a freelancer, he will become stronger absorbing that dimensional energy so I’m pretty sure that some higher ups are gonna target him either to kill him or to ask him to work for them (I’m from Argentina so sorry if there some misspelled words) and thank you for your hard work


  3. The Demon King’s Game seems like a story based around a moba-type game, which is not really my thing. This one seems much more exciting imho. I vote for Raid Breaker.


  4. Read both of them but raid breaker was de most interesting and more complex.
    It gave me the feeling of wanting to join the world.
    The demon king game seems to be less complex and less exiciting of the 2
    It also seems like the mc will become just another wk character we al seen so many times.
    And i think the mc won’t be an active participant in the game but will just have give command and let is summon do al the work.

    This is just my conclusion after reading the 3 tdkg and 2 rb teasers so everything I just wrote may not even be true


  5. Thank you for introducing this novel.

    I don’t know if you would be interested in other genres that don’t include any kind of fighting/war/battle but if you’re open to it, there are other novels that deal with showbiz (e.g Top Management), music (God’s Song), tech (Coder Lee YongHo) and food (God of Cooking) just to name a few. If you prefer action, there’s also the superhero genre (The Hero) and sports (unfortunately, no group is currently translating Tennis Star or Ace of Ace just to name a few).

    The pace might be slow and might even be lethargic in some chapters, but the story with a unique premise will never be a dull one. This was the same feeling when VRMMO genre first came out too. I don’t know if you’ll be inspired or not to try other genres but regardless, thank you for the current and future teasers you’ll release soon.


  6. It looks like the gamer (webtoon) and Pacific rim (movie ) mixture…and both are great. …and expecting a lot. …and if the humans are on the negative side then …it’s much more appreciated…protagonist joins with aliens and helps them …sounds funny and interesting ….anyways this one is hella different and great storyline I’m expecting…and tnx for the hard work


  7. i rate this teaser 6./10 overall impact

    btw. im doing this because i love turtle and as thanks(hoping it helps by any chance) for LMS and ARK, i really hope this helps even just a tiny bit,just tell me to stop if what im doing aint good or annoying. i look forward to reading your translations forever, hope you add me in facebook lolz

    the things i look at are,
    1.Plot = 7
    i like the setting a bit but the mecha part is a turn off, the only mecha i liked in my life is code geass and gundam wing

    2.Charisma of the MC = 5
    sounds stingy like weed, but doesn’t appear to have any alluring factor yet, unlike the first teaser, im looking forward because he is a good strategist, like le louche

    3. writing style = 4
    it may be my fault since i read a bit faster than normal, but the jargons are not properly explained in my opinion, i also don’t like the choice of words at times

    4. page turner = 7
    i am curious how the story progresses yes, but i think it will take time before that moment that i can’t sleep because i want to read the next chapter comes, sounds like a process,just like the final sculpting test

    5. twist/miscellaneous = 7
    i guess the twist here is that the MC has this “new type” of power which hopefully is different from mecha, since it doesnt say much yet so i cant give it a high score,i know it’s a teaser but authors have ta grab the attention of readers asap ya know


  8. Hello and thank you for translating this novel, I really like it and hope that you would still have time for it between LMS and DH.

    And again thank you for your hard work 🙂


  9. This is on the ongoing list and it says the translator is Eseul and the progress bar says “busy with work” I was just wondering if they were coming back to continue and when that might be also ignore those asshats to telling you to rush you’re great LMS is what got me reading light novels and it would be terrible if you have it up because of them


  10. My first time leaving a comment on a website since YouTube changed ownership but I was curious if this was going to be picked back up. I was looking through the old posts but I couldn’t find anything related to this. I only remember a few months ago where something was being done with this specific project but my memory of it is very vague :/


  11. It seems that this little one here was droped.. It’s been so much time since the last release (>.<)
    Well, thanks for the work! hoping someone pick this up again ^^


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