DS: Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Rewards and Punishment (2)

On the other hand, the shadow was shocked to hear that all the sovereigns would be released from hell. However, he responded immediately,

“If it is your will, then it isn’t too difficult. But what are you going to do with them?”

Keirun and Aniel also seemed to be curious.

Kang-jun was doing something they had never imagined, so there were thrilled expressions on their faces.

It was natural.

Kang-jun was getting rid of the hell that had been so painful for them, so it wasn’t possible to not be excited.

Kang-jun opened his mouth.

“There are numerous sub-worlds in the stations adjacent to Pavalia Station. I will dispatch the sovereigns to be the guardians there.”

“Oh! That is a great idea, Lord.”

Keirun exclaimed and Kang-jun smiled.

“There will be no competition between the sovereigns anymore. It will be their duty to protect each world as the guardian. I will send them to hell only if they neglect that duty.”

Kang-jun didn’t mean to completely get rid of hell.

If there were no punishments, then those who neglected their missions would surely appear.

He had seen the hell in the Celestial World and decided to use it as a place for penance instead of simply punishment.

“Keirun and Aniel.”

“Yes, Lord.”

“The headquarters here will be the center of all the worlds. Therefore, your mission to support the sovereigns will become even more serious. I would like you to help any sovereigns who ask for support from headquarters.”

“Yes, Lord!”

Keirun and Aniel’s eyes shone intensely.

It was because they liked what was happening.

The sovereigns would no longer fight each other and would instead be assigned to their respective worlds as a guardian.

Headquarters would be the base that supported them.

Thus, Keirun’s and Aniel’s hearts were beating wildly.

“Lord! I really didn’t think this day would come. In the future, Lord’s worlds will expand endlessly.

“It is a pleasure to imagine the sovereigns reaching out across the infinite dimensional sea to become guardians.”

Kang-jun laughed at them.

In fact, his worlds didn’t need to be expanded this way.

It was because his world could already be called the dimensional sea.

In other words, he could do everything alone without the need for household members or sovereigns.

However, he knew how lonely that would be.

Keirun and Aniel didn’t know that Kang-jun’s power had reached a point where he could do everything alone.

They would be disappointed at the thought of not being any use to Kang-jun.

Moreover, they wouldn’t be able to do their task as enthusiastically.

Therefore, Kang-jun didn’t reveal all his abilities. There was no reason to.

The reason why Kang-jun didn’t solve the problems of each sub-world was so he could entrust them to his household members and the sovereigns.

Then the shadow said,

“Then I will stop all punishment for the sovereigns in hell. I will leave their disposal to Dimensional Sovereign Lucan.”

“Do so.”

Thanks to Kang-jun, all the sovereigns being punished in hell were freed from their suffering.

They would be dispatched one by one to the small worlds designated by Kang-jun.

Of course, he didn’t just send them there.

Their levels were reset, so they would be killed by the inferior monsters if they were just sent to be guardians.

It was necessary for them to gain experience and raise their level to be capable of guardianship.

Kang-jun decided to make a training course carefully.

Among the small worlds, there were places where monsters were constantly generated even if they were killed.

It was important to classify the level of these monsters and divide them into the beginner zone, intermediate zone and high level zone.

Also, he would give them more motivation by creating missions, instead of just having them hit the monsters.

Kang-jun left this work to Goddess Shaoniel and the angels.

At the same time, the task of making various dungeons was left to the demonic gods.

The demonic gods were ranked into beginner, intermediate, advanced, supreme, special and hell!

Thus, dungeons with six levels were made.

The demonic gods were trapped in the sealed world, so making dungeons was very interesting work for them.

After creating a map of the dungeons, they placed monsters and boss monsters in each one as well as abundant treasures.

Treasures were useless to the demonic gods anyway.

Of course, the more items were placed, the more difficult the dungeon was.

However, most of the dungeons were hell grade, so Kang-jun had to give an order to focus on making lower grade dungeons.

The Celestial World was also interested in this work. They cooperated actively so that the rewards for some missions would be items with divine power.

As soon as these things went well, Kang-jun left the rest to Goddess Shaoniel.

If it was Shaoniel, she would show a performance that would be enough to satisfy Kang-jun.

Now, it was time for Kang-jun to visit his household members and give them some encouragement.

“Shall I see what Rodiam is doing?”

The advanced gnome, Rodiam, was a member of Kang-jun’s household and the one he met after Keirun.

For a while, he had worked as the task manager for the workshop at headquarters, but the workshop was no longer necessary once more resources kept coming in.

So, he sent Rodiam to be the guardian of a world where gnomes lived.

Kang-jun appeared when Rodiam was resting after a battle with mouse-shaped creatures called bloody latta.

“Oh! Lord!”

Rodiam instantly greeted Kang-jun. He rushed over and fell down to the ground.

“Lord has come, ong.”

His tone was awkward but extremely polite. ‘Ong’ was something that he only used for Kang-jun.

“Yes. Is there anything making you uncomfortable?”

“There is nothing uncomfortable, ong. It is very interesting here, ong.”

“I’m glad.”

“Take this, ong.”

“What is it?”

Rodiam presented a staff, that he had just received, as a gift to Kang-jun.

[Latta Staff (Rare)]

-Increases magic casting speed by 5%.

Kang-jun didn’t need it, but he accepted the gift due to Rodiam’s sincerity.

“Thank you. I have a gift for you as well.”

Kang-jun took out a set of legendary weapon and equipment, as well as 10 sets of hero ranked equipment.

“Take them.”

“Oh! Can I really accept something like this, ong?”

Rodiam made a startled expression. Kang-jun smiled and nodded.

“Your life as a guardian will become harder, so this is to help you do better in the future. Wear the equipment.”

The equipment was designed to fit the body, no matter who wore it.

“Understood, ong. Thank you, ong. Hehe!”

Rodiam was now equipped with sparkling legendary armour.

“Then I’ll see you again.”

Kang-jun had a lot of myth and celestial grade items as gifts from the Celestial World as well as the demonic grade equipment taken away from the demonic gods, but he gave a gift that matched Rodiam’s level.

If Kang-jun gave equipment that was too good for Rodiam, Rodiam would just neglect his training.

Next, he went to visit the ogre, Germuz, who was the defender of Lazard Continent.



It was a place infested with giant mantises, so Germuz led a ratian unit from headquarters to fight against them.


The giant mantises were afraid of Germuz’s roar. After Germuz struck down the mantises’ vanguard, the ratians ran forward and struck.

Kwang! Kwajik! Crunch!

Seokeok! Seokeok!

The fierce battle ended with a one-sided victory won by Germuz and the ratian troops.


Germuz roared with victory and those watching from afar cheered.



“Germuz is the best!”

They were a species with the head of a rabbit but the body of a human.

Their height was approximately one metre.

They were very cute and Germuz’ mission was to defend them from the mantises.

“Hahaha! I’ll help you beat the mantises, so don’t worry.”

He was protecting someone!

Germuz was very proud that he could protect the Igot species.

Then Germuz’ eyes widened as Kang-jun revealed his appearance.

“It is great to see Lord.”


He fell down to the ground and bumped his head against it. Of course, his head was completely fine.

Kang-jun clicked his tongue.

“I told you to just bow to your waist, but you did it again.”

“Keke, it is just so nice to see Lord.”

“It is good to see that you are working hard.”

Kang-jun was very pleased to see Germuz defending the Igots so well.

Thus, he was also awarded with a set of legendary equipment and 10 sets of heroic equipment.

“Take these. They will be helpful.”

“Kuwwwoooh! Thank you.”

Germuz beamed as he received the legendary equipment.

Kang-jun also visited the continent he had given to Kajel.

However, Kajel was neglecting his duty as he spent his time with beautiful slimes despite there being enemies around.

“What are you doing right now?”

“Ah, ah! L-lord!”

Kajel freaked out. He scratched his head and laughed awkwardly.

“You didn’t see it, but I tried to resolve the problem. I worked hard and this is the first time that I’m neglecting my duty.”

“Hrmm, really?”

Kang-jun immediately read Kajel’s memories.

Kajel’s words were false. It wasn’t just once or twice and Kajel was also harassing the elves of the forests whom he was supposed to protect.

Of course, this was followed by Kang-jun’s complaint.

“You dare lie to me. You are not qualified to act as a guardian. Another guardian will be sent here and you will be moved to hell.”

“Sob! Lord!”

Thus, Kajel became the first prisoner of the new hell and was punished for neglecting his duty as a guardian.

After Kajel’s punishment, Kang-jun headed to Rujen Continent where Heksia was the protector.

It was smaller than Earth, but it was a world where humans lived.

Magical engineering had been developed and various flying ships were seen in the sky.

There were mana-powered vehicles on the ground and beautiful lights twinkling in the towns and cities.

‘It’s a pretty nice place.’

The natural scenery was excellent enough for him to want to take a break here if he was bored.

However, Heksia wasn’t at the base but underneath the guardian’s castle when Kang-jun appeared.

‘Why is she down there?’

Kang-jun thought it was strange and moved to the place where Heksia was.

‘A dungeon.’

Mysterious dungeons sometimes existed in the small worlds of Hwanmong.

Heksia had been exploring the dungeon.

However, when Kang-jun found her, she was in a crisis. While fighting against a huge golem, she had gotten badly injured.


The bloody Heksia was surprised to suddenly hear a familiar voice. Her expression was pleased as she saw Kang-jun.


“What are you doing here?”

“As you can see, I am fighting this enemy.”

The golem was frozen as though time had stopped. In actuality, Kang-jun had petrified it.

Kang-jun clicked his tongue and restored Heksia to her normal state.

“Is that the grade of a demon king? You should have asked headquarters for help.”

“I tried but it attacked, so it couldn’t be helped.”

Heksia recovered instantly from her dying state.

Although, in fact, even if she died, she would resurrect. This was due to an ability that had been given to Kang-jun after he became a supreme sovereign.

However, Kang-jun suddenly raised his head as he looked inside the cave.

‘This aura is?’

At first, he had tried to ignore it, but he could feel a strange energy coming from the cave guarded by the golem.

“Heksia! Wait here for me.”

Kang-jun immediately entered the cave.

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