Connector: Table of Contents

connector       Connector (커넥터)

His father left him a hero card.

Sung-joon realized the qualities of a Connector was to connect a hero to reality.

His journey to becoming the best Connector begins now!




This novel is complete with 8 volumes published.

Author: Gu Du-yeol (고두열 )

Translator: Rainbow Turtle


Volume 1

Chapter 1: Connector 
Chapter 2: How to Live in This World
Chapter 3: Gravity Control
Chapter 4: Connecting Market
Chapter 5: The Third Gate
Chapter 6: Reality
Chapter 7: Enlightenment
Chapter 8: Application
Chapter 9: Board
Chapter 10: Equipment Replacement
Chapter 11: Red Gate
Chapter 12: Dwarf

10 Replies to “Connector: Table of Contents”

  1. This is the best one so far. Engaging writing style as it is filled with suspense and vivid descriptions. The premise is different from what we’ve seen before. Many questions have been raised: Who is his father? Why are people hunting him? What’s the point of this card/book system? Why is he compatible with the book?
    Very promising


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