Deleted WordPress Comments

I was testing out some spam filters for comments and I think I ended up accidentally deleting a few comments while I was experimenting? I regularly empty my spam and trash bin so by the time I noticed, they were permanently gone.

Whoops. So if you’ve noticed some of your old comments missing, my bad.


Discord Link No Longer Working

I’m closing off my discord server to any new members for now since I feel like its big enough and any bigger will be hard to moderate.

Ignore all invitation links at the bottom of old chapters. In addition, those who were inactive for a week without a role were kicked in a purge that happened before the invite was closed.

Sorry, I will let you know once I decide to open it again.




RS Chapter 87 – 88

Note: I’m just playing around with colours atm. Both the white background and black font, as well as the black background and white font were bothering me. It would be better if I could adjust the font colour, but colour customization options on free wordpress are limited.

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

STB Hiatus

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been sick and then so busy that I’ve barely had time to work on the chapters for my main series, let alone STB.

But some bad news. I’ve completely finished reading the raws for I’m not Shouldering this Blame. I love the story but several factors (which I won’t go into) have made it hard for me to continue translating.

I’m going to put it on hiatus for now and try my hand at mtling a danmei novel that is slightly easier. I am considering a few options and currently reading them in my spare time.

If anyone hasn’t picked up STB by the time I finish the next project I pick up, I might pick it up again since I will be more proficient and confident with Chinese mtl by then.

DS, DH & Other News

Hey guys,

Those who follow me will know that I took down my translations of Dimensional Sovereign and Dungeon Hunter from Gravitytales a while ago.

I’ve finally finished uploading them on this site and you can find them in the completed tab of the menu.

In other news, this site will be used as any side projects I’m doing.
Atm, I’m kinda craving Chinese danmei (boy’s love) novels, so I have started mtling one.

It is a side project and will be posted here soon. It will be clearly marked so those who don’t like BL and don’t want to receive updates about them should unsubscribe.

However, I also might pick up a shorter KR novel if I can find one I like enough to translate as a side project and if I have enough time. We will soon see.

My current projects:
Main: Overgeared and Book Eating Magician on Wuxiaworld
Side: BL CN novel called I’m not Shouldering this Blame, posted here.

Bad News! LMS Dropped

Bad news guys,

As I expected, the publisher of LMS serialized version, Kakaopage sent me an email asking me to stop translating LMS after I made my last post. I tried to work something out but no go.

As I always aim to comply to the author/publisher’s wishes, I will be officially dropping LMS. Sorry for the bad news, especially so close to the end.

If anyone else wishes to write ‘fanfiction’ of LMS then I suggest you do so in a more low-key manner.

Update! Important!

So we are officially back on this site as Rainbow Turtle Translations has died. So updates on what is going on with LMS.

I’ve mentioned it on other places, but I have found okay raws for vol 49. There are still lots of errors but better than the previous ones and I know people are impatient =(. I know some people are like ‘why don’t you translate from the pdf or actual ebook instead of a txt file?’ However, the program I use to help make my life easier only accepts txt file. Not only does the program have an inbuilt glossary, but a txt file also allows me to copy and paste things I don’t know more easily. So yeh, txt file= needed to translate.

Due to the errors in the txt file I have, I’ve bought the ebook and have been trying to translate while comparing the txt. file to the proper ebook. It is extremely slow going. Not only that, the two new series I am translating on Wuxiaworld, Praise the Orc! and the Book Eating Magician, became popular way faster than expected. Therefore, I have been busy trying to keep up and maintain the goals I set with Patreon and sponsored chapters, leaving less time for LMS.

I did aim to release chapter 1 by the end of the month, but I don’t know if that will be happening right now with how busy I am.

Now Volume 50  and 51 of LMS. Some people have been telling me about this and yes, I already know.  To give a short explanation, previously the author only published ebooks. But recently, he has started serialization, similar to a web novel, on a site called Kakaopage. Then after all the chapters of a volume are released on Kakaopage, it will take a bit before they are published in ebook form. Volume 51 has just started serialization but I won’t be translating from the web chapters.

First of all, I have absolutely no access to Kakaopage. Second of all, they are extremely strict about translation. If you read this post by Ensj, you will see that he already had to drop two novels simply because of Kakaopage. Honestly, I’ve kinda been expecting an email from them telling me to drop it, simply because LMS is one of their bigsellers. Another reason is that ebooks do tend to be more polished and with less typos than serialized works.

Anyway, last thing I want to say. I am translating LMS, albeit really really slowly. However, I don’t want to hold onto a project when I know it isn’t my main focus. If anyone else wants to translate it then I am happy to give it over to them. But I will keep translating until that happens. 

Thanks for reading my long post.