ORV Released on QI

ORV has been released on QI with some new chapters:


I know that novelupdates doesn’t follow premium chapters. For those who want chapter updates as soon as they’re released, go to my discord where I will ping you with the chapter update. Link on the sidebar.

ORV News & Chapters 102-110

Hey guys,

I’m back from my holiday only to get some news.

As you know, I’ve been trying to get the licensing for ORV. QI has ended up obtaining the licensing for ORV. I have long expected this since Qidian has invested in Munpia and has an agreement regarding the Munpia novels. Please note that this mainly applies to novels published by Munpia, not just hosted by them (so no need to worry about Overgeared just yet since they are a different publisher).

In any case, I love ORV too much for it to be potentially butchered by someone else. I have negotiated with them and will be moving ORV to webnovels and will be continuing to translate it. Unfortunately, it will be premium like most of their works.

Posting on there will probably start once all matters get settled, but in the meantime, I will be releasing the rest of the chapters in this arc. It still ends in a cliffhanger but its almost impossible to get a chapter without a cliffhanger in ORV.

Chapter 102


Chapter 110