DSA Hiatus


Sorry for the bad news when it is just getting to the good part. DSA takes me a lot longer to translate than my other novels, both in chapter length and difficulty. Considering how busy I am, I can’t justify taking out so much of my time to translate one chapter of DSA.

It will be placed on hiatus for now and I might pick it up again when I finish GL or become less busy (unless I happen to fall in love with another novel that I want to translate).

For now, it is free to be picked up if someone wants to translate it.


Slowed Releases

I’m going on a very exciting work trip for the next week or so and won’t be back until the 5th June.

Chapters will be scheduled from the current stockpile I already have so releases will be slowed,

New BL Novels Released!

This is the announcement for my new BL novels.

The first one is called First Lazy Merchant of the Beast World. It’s a fairly short novel at 90 chapters and I just wanted to do something relaxing and sweet. It will be hosted on another site, Chrysanthemum Garden, which has plenty of excellent BL novels for you to check out!  Please support and follow this novel over there.

Link to Table of Contents

I had actually only been planning to pick up this novel and attempt two chapters a day for it, like GLS. Then I got sucked into another pit and picked up another novel. Thus, my attention will be split.

The other novel is called Dangerous Survival in the Apocalypse. Chapter length for this varies and some chapters can be really long. Thus, releases for this novel might be slower than the other ones. Check it out below.

DSA Table of Contents

BL Reading List Added

I’ve been trying to write this list for ages and finally finished.

This is a list of the Chinese BL novels I’ve been reading. Most of them are untranslated and the few translated ones were picked up after I added them to the list.

I will be regularly updating this list and mark it clearly whenever it is updated.

Last Update: 08/05/2019

Reading List Link

Sick! Short Break for the Rest of the Week.

TL: Hey guys, sorry but flu season has started in Melbourne and I have caught it. I’ve been feeling terrible the last few days but it finally hit today. I’m gonna take the rest of the week off to rest and hopefully start posting against on Monday.

The Earth is Online Complete!

Hello everyone,

I have completely finished translating EO and all remaining chapters will be released today. Check back every few hours for new chapters.

This has been one of my favourite novels to translate, no matter how hard or long some of the chapters were, and just one of my favourite novels altogether. Thanks for going on this journey with me and I appreciate all the readers and donators.

Now here’s chapter 233 & 234 to start off the EO day.

Chapter 233

Chapter 234

Game Live Broadcast Temporarily Paused

An uptick in work means I can only pick up one new project after EO ends. I had to make a decision and eventually picked Game Loading, mainly because Game, Live Broadcast’s chapters eventually become 9k-10k, which is three times longer than a GL chapter.

This will be temporarily paused or can be seen as a teaser. Since I’m not the type to hold onto novels when I’m not translating, anyone who wants to can pick it up while it is on hiatus.

Sneak Peek of New BL Novels

Hey guys,

Merry Christmas!

As a Christmas present, I am publishing early the new BL novels I am picking up once EO and GLS are complete.  Three chapters of each novel had been released and there will probably be one chapter released a week until EO is finished, which should be around a month or so. Then I will decide the schedule at this time.

Coincidentally, I found that the titles of both novels are similar and their acronyms are also close to GLS, making me have three novels with similar acronyms.

The concept of the two novels are similar but one is more comedic while the other is more horror. Both novels are new and are currently ongoing in China, with only a few chapters released. By the time these novels are set as my main BL novels, there should be many more raw chapters released.

First novel: Game Loading (GL)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Second Novel: Game, Live Broadcast (GLB)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1


Can everyone please stop freaking out and emailing/pinging/messaging me on novelupdates & reddit whenever some stupid shit happens with Qidian?

If something happens that personally affects me, I will probably be the first one to know about it and don’t need dozens of notifications…

As for the latest thing regarding teams, I have no idea if this is an official stance or not. All I know is that it doesn’t affect me at the moment. There has been no mention of teams to me at all. I have negotiated terms that suit me at the moment. If anything changes that I’m not satisfied with then I won’t hesitate to quit.

To summarize: I really don’t need to wake up with dozens of notifications regarding people freaking out over Qidian stuff. Just assume that I already know please.

Regarding ORV, I have uploaded old chapters onto webnovels.com. Just waiting on permission to start publishing new chapters. Will post a link on here once that happens.