BL Reading List (Updated 12/12/2019)

Note: Updated novels are in bold.

This is a list of some of the Chinese BL novels I’ve read that I felt was worth noting down. Most are untranslated and the few translated ones were picked up after I added them to my list. Most are completed and those that are still ongoing will be marked.

Note that some of them were read a long time ago and I’ve might’ve forgotten a lot of it or got some details wrong.

There are also some I’m keeping back because they are on my Potential to Translate List. They will be added to this page if I take them off the list.

The novel recs are mostly all modern and have been split into different categories.  There is also a recommendation section, where I recommend a novel that I particularly love. All translated titles are also a quick translation and aren’t necessarily accurate.



Bigshot Immortal Cultivator Making People Go Crazy Every Day [ Quick Transmigration] (修仙大佬万人迷日常)


Tags: Quick transmigration, established relationship, comedic

Summary: This is an extremely comedic quick transmigration novel where MC is completely OP since he is already an immortal cultivator and does not care about the rules of the world he goes to. He keeps breaking the rules and shoving dog food into the face of his long-suffering system, eventually being blacklisted by every world he goes to. Since MC and ML are already in an established relationship, you don’t get the build-up since its almost instant love, but their relationship is extremely sweet and you get scattered hints of what happened in the prequel. 

I especially love the ABO arc so if there is any arc you should read, it is this one. Please note that there is a scum to abuse in every world and some of the things they do can be extremely triggering. 

This was a quick transmigration novel I love and considered picking up to translate. Unfortunately, the author stopped updating for several months, which is why I never picked it up. The author did just release a chapter on the 11th Dec but it is still unknown if the updates are regular. Please keep this in mind and perhaps stop at the end of the third arc if you can’t stand cliffhangers.


For easier navigation, here are the categories that I have split the novels into.

Police Procedural
Quick Transmigration
Rebirth or Transmigration
Unlimited Flow



Corpse Wins After the End of the World (屍生贏家 末世反重生)


Tags: Apocalypse, abilities, rebirth, anti-rebirth

Summary: MC stood at the top of the world, both before and after the apocalypse. After the end of the world, he awakened three abilities and was the only one who could match the zombie king.

Then his half-brother was reborn to before the apocalypse happened and threw MC to the zombies and he turns into a zombie.

Thoughts: This is a story about the other side of the apocalypse, which I like. MC turns into a zombie and evolves beyond the ordinary mindless zombies and the story describes the way he builds up to become a zombie king. ML is a cat who developed after the apocalypse and could eventually transform into human form. Good novel but there was a huge time skip and the ending was a bit rushed.

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 Entertainment Circle


Entertainment Circle’s Mascot (娛樂圈吉祥物)

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Tags: Entertainment, sweet

Summary: MC is a monk raised in the mountains, who was sent down the mountain. He ends up helping an actress who is filming a variety show there and eventually enters the entertainment industry.

Thoughts: MC is a bit naïve but really strong, since he trained in martial arts. He’s clueless about this society but he becomes popular because he is always making people laugh. ML is head of a big company and is the sweet and warm type to MC. MC’s little brother, also a monk, appears as well. There is apparently a sequel starring the MC’s brother but it is still ongoing so I haven’t started reading it yet.

Great at Acting, Now I’m Reborn (超會演戲的我現在重生了)


Tags: Modern entertainment, rebirth, revenge

Summary: MC was a beauty whose face was destroyed in a fire. Then he finds out that his lover was responsible and while trying to get revenge, he was reborn to before the fire. ML is the movie emperor who took care of MC after the fire, when even his lover abandoned him.

Thoughts: This is a typical entertainment novel, where MC is an excellent actor and steps on various cannon fodder to make his way to the position of movie emperor and get revenge. Still, it is well written and if you like entertainment novels then you should like this one.

Immortal Koi is Going to Debut (錦鯉大仙要出道[娛樂圈]


Tags: Entertainment, supernatural fantasy, sweet.

Summary: MC is a koi with a pure yin body. His grandfather warns him that those with a heavy yang will want to approach or attack him. He goes down from the mountain to find his brother and ends up entering the entertainment circle, I think because his brother is a bigshot in the entertainment industry and he can’t meet his brother. He enters a competition for trainees and ends up meeting the ML, a popular actor who has a heavy yang. Thus, MC keeps being frightened of ML because he thinks the ML wants to eat him.

Thoughts: MC is a bit naïve and cute. I also like that he has a good relationship with the people he dorms with in the competition. After the competition, they end up forming a debut group due to various reasons and two of these group members are a side CP. From what I remember, ML is cold but likes teasing MC and his brother (one of the side CP and MC’s friend). ML also has a bad relationship with MC’s brother.

I Heard That I’m Poor (聽說我很窮[娛樂圈])


Tags: Entertainment circle

Summary: MC enters the entertainment industry because he wants to make a lot of money. His family background is high and he has money, but he needs a lot to buy back Chinese artefacts, which was his grandfather’s dream. ML hears MC singing and instantly becomes a fan/likes him (I think they had an intersection in the past?). However, due to his enemies and not wanting MC to be targeted, he pretends to be MC’s anti-fan on Weibo while actually praising him.

Thoughts: ML seems like the typical cold and wealthy ML but he’s also a bit naïve, especially when it comes to the MC. MC is your typical OP person who can sing, dance, is smart etc. But their relationship is very cute. This was a very entertaining read and one I considered translating.

I Only Like Your Persona (我只喜歡的人設[娛樂圈])


Tags: Entertainment circle

Summary: MC has an angelic face but his personality is cold and he finds it hard to trust people due to his age. ML ends up overhearing him coldly getting rid of a one-night stand and ends up disliking MC. ML was a child actor who took a break to go to school, then he started filming movies and became popular. MC is a fan of ML’s appearance and draws him, becoming a popular artist on Weibo. After the initial dislike, ML and MC appear on a reality show (escape game) together and they eventually get together.

Thoughts: ML is the pure dog type and he likes MC but he also distrusts MC because of their initial meeting. They get together but MC never expresses that it is the serious relationship so there are several moments when ML thinks MC cheats on him. However, there are also sweet moments, especially after MC finally trusts ML and expresses his love. Don’t go in expecting a completely sweet and fluffy relationship when they get together.

 I Really Can’t Act (的不會演戲)


Tags: Entertainment

Summary: MC can’t act and confesses to his university teacher, who accepts and they become boyfriends. After becoming boyfriends, MC discovers that his boyfriend is super strong in acting, graduating from a well-known acting school, and is determined to make MC learn how to act.

Thoughts: Relationship could be sweeter because ML seems more focused on teaching MC to act and it was hard to know what he was feeling towards MC. I like that no matter how good ML is at acting, he never enters the entertainment world and that’s due to his past and background.

I Want to Be in a Relationship (我就想谈个恋爱)

Translation Link:


Tags: Modern entertainment, rebirth, sweet.

Summary: MC was a famous actor who never got to be in a relationship. After being reborn, he wants to quit the entertainment industry and find a lover. Somehow, he still ends up getting involved in the entertainment industry and meets the ML. ML is extremely smart but has autism (I think?)

Thoughts: Extremely sweet. I love the ML in this who is so naïve and clings to the MC. MC and ML’s relationship is also extremely sweet after they get together and I love the ending scene. MC also has extremely good luck due to something that happened in his previous life and reading about some of the situations his luck gets him into/out of is funny.

Life isn’t Long (命不久矣[娛樂圈])


Tags: Entertainment, supernatural, ghosts

Summary: MC is an actor who is cursed/has evil energy hanging on him that will eventually kill him. The strong energy allows him to see ghosts. ML is a young Daoist/Taoist/Ghost catcher type person who senses the energy on MC. MC hires ML to protect him and ends up using the ability to see ghosts to solve problems and rise in the entertainment industry.

Thoughts: I like that this novel is a mixture of mystery and entertainment. ML is young and strong, but untrained. He is also a bit naïve about modern society.

Recapture the Entertainment Industry (重征娛樂圈重生)


Tags: Modern entertainment, rebirth, revenge

Summary: MC’s lover betrayed him with a close friend (slag) and slag killed him. MC dies and is reborn in an unpopular member of the entertainment industry who was suppressed because of the slag.

Thoughts: Another typical entertainment novel. MC sings and acts so he is doubly OP. I like that he is reborn after his death and sees the effect it has, especially to the former lover who is filled with regret.

My Artists are Reborn (我家满级重生[娱乐圈])


Status: 57 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Entertainment, supernatural, ghosts, rebirth

Summary: MC is an agent whose artists keep leaving him after they became popular. Then MC visits the memorial of a famous rock singer who died a long time ago (ML) and ends up seeing the ghost. ML’s ghost accompanies him to visit MC’s next artist, only to come after the artist committed suicide. ML’s ghost is sucked into the body and he is reborn in this artist’s body.

Thoughts: MC has powerful connections due to a background that isn’t revealed yet. ML is a singer and pretty OP. Where I got up to, MC obtained his next artist, an excellent actress who became a ghost and was reborn after coming across another girl who committed suicide (have to suspend some disbelief at this). In any case, seems interesting so far and I like that ML isn’t the only one who is reborn and OP, no matter how eye-rolling the setup.

Superior Position (上位[娱乐圈])


Status: 110 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Entertainment, sweet text

Summary: MC comes back from abroad and ends up joining a variety program to pick members to debut in a group (for those who have seen the shows Produce 101 etc, it is extremely similar to this).  The program he joins ends up having his ex-boyfriend as a judge and an old friend as the host/mentor role (ML). 

Thoughts: MC and ML have an extremely sweet connected. For those worried about the ex-boyfriend, his role is pretty small. Despite the difference in their status, MC and ML have a pretty equal relationship that is quite teasing. ML purposely joins the show as the host because he heard MC was participating in it. Generally, a sweet entertainment novel that isn’t about acting for once.

Transmigrating as the Widow of a Vicious Male (穿成守寡的恶毒男配)


Status: 89 chapters (Ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Entertainment, supernatural

Summary: MC transmigrates into the body of a cannon fodder who was in love with the novel’s male lead (scum) and convinced by the male lead to marry the male lead’s brother (ML). MC transmigrated just as the male lead’s brother died. However, for some reason, he can see the ghost of the ML who looked extremely vicious. In order to avoid being retaliated against, MC pretends to be extremely in love with his husband and pretended that getting married to the ML was why he pretended to like the scum in the first place.

Thoughts: MC and ML’s relationship develops pretty quickly. For example, the transition between friends to suddenly having feelings is a bit quick. There is an overarching mystery behind various events that happen in the entertainment circle and the reason for the ML’s death. ML might be a ghost but he is so powerful that he can make his form solid.

Transmigrating as the Dead Fiance of the Movie Emperor (穿成影帝作死未婚夫[穿书])


Status: 289 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Entertainment, male pregnancy, sweet relationship, happy family

Summary: MC transmigrates into the body of a cannon fodder who was in love with a scum male, so he refused the marriage of the ML, only to be killed by the scum. ML originally had a white moonlight in his heart but the white moonlight loved someone else. After the white moonlight went abroad to chase the other person, ML decided to give up on him and follow the marriage his family arranged for him. Since he likes men, he asked for the marriage to be switched from MC’s sister to MC. The original body refused but after MC transmigrated, he agreed to the marriage.

Thoughts: I really like the relationship here. They both enter the marriage knowing they don’t love each other but are determined to make it work. They don’t hesitate to act like a real married couple, including having sex on the wedding night, and things gradually develop. ML is firm in his determination to give up the white moonlight (WM) and decisively cuts things off when WM returns. WM and his lover does try and cause trouble for MC though. One thing I really like about this novel is that ML already adopted a child at the beginning, so there is extreme fluff as they raise their extremely cute son. MC can also become pregnant. His logic is funny in that ML= one of the male protagonists who can get the other protagonist (WM) pregnant. Since MC took the place of the WM, he can also get pregnant. 

Was My Vest Lost Today? (今天马甲掉了吗)


Status:  74 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Entertainment, author, sweet

Summary: MC is an 18-tier actor whose quite bad at acting. During the time when he didn’t get work, he became a writer and his stories became really popular, getting various drama adaptations. MC decides that he would be able to portray his character the best and gains the role of the protagonist of the next adaptation. ML is a famous actor who is a big fan of MC’s novels and becomes the second lead.

Thoughts: I like that MC isn’t a great actor at first. He barely passes the audition and this makes the ML dislike him at first, because he thinks MC will ruin his favourite author’s words.  However, MC’s hard work and improvement in acting gradually makes the ML like him. MC is also a bit of a scared to face public opinion about his acting and he also acts impulsively. All in all, not the typical OP and perfect MC. Sweet entertainment novel that’s still ongoing.

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Later, He Became a Royal Nurse (後來,他成了御用奶媽)


Tags: Gaming, live streaming, sweet.

Summary: MC is a popular god at his school but he rarely speaks, giving him a cold Image. This is actually because his voice is soft and almost like a girl’s, not matching his image. Later, he plays the game and ended up speaking. The other person he spoke to is a great god at gaming and eventually, he becomes the god’s nurse (healer) and eventually boyfriend.

Thoughts: Sweet gaming novel. I remember that the gaming parts were hard for me to understand because I don’t actually the game and find games other than mmorpgs/holographic games in Chinese novels hard to understand. From what I remember, ML isn’t the cold type. Instead, he’s extremely tall, childish and lazy.

Number One Player (頭號​​玩家)


Status: Ongoing (268 chapters)

Tags: Unlimited flow, system, abilities

Summary: MC gains a system. He thought he was just playing games, only to find out that the games affect reality. E.g. He is a demon king in a castle raising monsters. Once he cleared it, the castle along with the monsters appeared in reality. He played a hero raising game and then people start developing abilities in reality, including him. A making videos game means he ends up making videos out of all the games he plays afterwards and the videos are released on the Internet. However, the videos are slightly changed to show how it would happen in reality. Eventually, people think the MC’s video ID is a prophet because his videos predict what will happen for one week in the future.

Thoughts: I haven’t finished reading this because it is still ongoing. I got up to chapter 200 before stopping to stack up chapters. Don’t expect a lot of romance in this. At the part where I got up to, the ML isn’t even clear yet, let alone them getting together. However, the storyline and games are quite interesting. Don’t expect brain/puzzle games like the Earth is Online. They are more like actually games (examples above).

The NPC I Raised is Alive (我撩的NPC活了)


Status: 107 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Fantasy, entertainment, gaming, pregnancy.

Summary: MC raises a husband and son in a love mobile game. ML knows he is in a game and starts exerting power over the game world, eventually escaping the game with their mermaid son. The story after that is about MC and ML in the entertainment world.

Thoughts: A good ongoing story, but many unrealistic aspects e.g. MC’s dad is the head of an entertainment company while MC’s other dad is a scientist, who experimenting to make MC (I think?) He also dosed MC with all this stuff when young, making him immune to aphrodisiacs. MC is extremely wealthy and spends a lot of money on raising his husband and son in the game. I wish there was more regarding the MC and ML, as they easily get together but then separate as both are busy with their jobs. Don’t really get the sweet feeling. Their mermaid son is cute though. I didn’t tag it with mpreg because MC’s game character was a female and he technically gave birth with a female body.

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After Marrying a Big Man, I Became the Most Popular Star of the Interstellar Network (跟大人物結婚後我成了星際第一網紅)


Tags: Interstellar, beasts, transmigration, sweet, wealthy family

Summary: MC transmigrates to an interstellar beast world where Earth people are the rarest species in the university and are carefully raised in an academy. Once MC transmigrates, he is captured and supposed to be sold as a slave, only for ML to rescue him. ML is a dragon and a grand duke who can possibly become the emperor. MC doesn’t understand the language and his learning is slow. Once he learns the language, he eventually discovers that he married the ML. Videos of him playing with ML in dragon form e.g. sliding down the dragon’s tail are broadcasted, making MC become popular because he is different from the Earth people that most people know about but rarely get to see.

Thoughts: I like that the MC didn’t understand the language right away and took a while to learn. He also had to interact with the ML while having this communication problem. It is generally a sweet and warm story. They also have children, although I forgot if it is was through mpreg or future technology.

Being Stimulated by a Virtual Lover (恋人养真刺激[])


Status: 46 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Interstellar, entertainment, gaming.

Summary: MC finds a game where ML is amnesiac and MC has to convince him they’re in love. He thinks its just a game but ML manages to send him gifts in reality and communicate with him online (anonymously). Meanwhile, MC is also in the entertainment industry to earn money.

Thoughts: Still ongoing so can’t really form an impression yet. MC isn’t the smartest but I wouldn’t call him dumb. He is average and misses some obvious stuff. Some stuff about ML is obvious but MC doesn’t catch on. There’s some mystery with ML being an AI and living 300 years ago. It was a bit frustrating when he thought the super-rich gifts sent by ML were actually sent from the game company. Overall, seems like a decent read so far.

Marrying an Interstellar Superstar (星際寵婚巨星)


Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, entertainment, food, sweet.

Summary: MC transmigrates into an interstellar world and becomes popular by writing novels and cooking food based on his Earth knowledge.

Thoughts: It’s been a while since I read this so I don’t remember much. I do remember that MC has a super cute and naïve robot who acts as his dad. I also liked that it focused on being an author and anchor instead of acting to become popular.

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Break up, Next (分手,下一個)


Tags: Modern, slag, sweet, mpreg

Summary: MC’s boyfriend of 10 years cheated on him and after BF’s mother, who doesn’t approve of them, tries to make MC participate in an experimental trial to get pregnant, MC finds the courage to break up with slag boyfriend. ML and his son were the ones who encouraged MC not to participate in the trial if he didn’t want to and they end up getting close, eventually falling into a sweet relationship.

Thoughts: There is some dog blood and irritating characters in this novel. You will hate the slag, the slag’s mother and MC’s sister, who ends up falling in love with slag despite knowing he is gay and deliberately gets pregnant with slag’s baby. Slag is gay but wants to have a baby to appease his mother, while still holding onto MC. ML has a son through a surrogate and the son is extremely cute. He is a big fan of MC and tries to get them together. ML is from a wealthy family but is a warm and kind person and his relationship with MC is sweet. No dog blood drama regarding ML’s family.

Monster Inn Rectification Report (妖怪客栈整改报告)


Status: 70 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Modern, sweet, supernatural

Summary: MC transmigrated into a novel where he is the cannon fodder. In order to avoid his adopted brother who has the blood of a koi and his family who prefers his adoptive brother, he flees far away and ends up the owner of an inn filled with monsters/spiritual creatures. 

Thoughts: An overall sweet novel. MC doesn’t want any drama but ends up as the owner of the inn (due to his mysterious relationship with the previous boss). He only wants to develop the inn but ends up getting involved in various mysterious events. ML is a giant panda who is ashamed of his identity (shameful background where he was young and didn’t know how to control his human form, so he was extremely chubby and people kept making fun of him), so he tries to hide it from MC. One running joke throughout the novel is MC keeps guessing what type of monster he is.

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Police Procedural


Criminal Minds (犯罪心理)


Tags: Modern, suspense, crime solving, mystery

Summary: MC is a psychologist (I think?) who helps the police solve individual crimes that eventually links to a larger mystery.

Thoughts: This is a really good novel but also hard to read. It can get extremely sad, especially one particular arc. I heard that some readers had to take a break after reading that particular arc. The themes are quite heavy but there is some relief from the ML and the other member of their team, the tech analyst who is almost like their child.

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Quick Transmigration

Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin


Translation Link:

Tags: Quick transmigration, various systems, revenge

Summary: See novelupdates synopsis

Thoughts: I love this quick transmigration novel and it was actually the novel I planned to pick up next after GLS. Unfortunately, it was picked up before I could start so please support the translator.

This novel does many things differently from quick transmigration novels. I like the fact that the MC considers what happened to the original owners of the body and I won’t give spoilers but the way the novel handles it is excellent. MC is smart, playful and always wanting to test things up. Various systems also appear and background on the whole quick transmigration process is given. Overall, one of my favourite quick transmigrations ever. Please check it out.


I am Dead Because of This Sick Patient (這個病人我不治了![快穿])


Tags: System, quick transmigration, interstellar non-human, sweet

Summary: Based in an interstellar age where MC was found while exploring an ancient planet. In order to accumulate enough merits and energy to take human form, MC has to go through different worlds to treat the patient.

Thoughts: Similar to other quick transmigration novels but MC is a type of herbal medicine and has to treat sick people (who are normally the M), while recovering his memories.

Omnipotent Attack Game (全能攻略遊戲[快穿])


Tags: System, quick transmigration, entertainment circle

Summary: MC is an actor who died after announcing his retirement. Then he was bound to a system and has to transmigrate between worlds

Thoughts: Typical transmigration story. It isn’t just the ML who regularly appears in the world. ML’s friend or cousin appears regularly as well as their ML’s cat. I don’t remember much about this because it was a long time ago but there must’ve been arcs I liked since I put down the link.

The King’s Game (國王遊戲[快穿])


Summary: In the King’s Game, the ‘King’s’ commands are absolute and have the power to create rules. As the owner of a special physique, Gu Huai was selected by the system to participate in the game.  “Win the game and you will become ‘King’, allowing you to get anything you want.”

Thoughts: This is written by the same author as of The People who are Suppose to Kill Me All Fell for Me Instead and Cub Raising Association. If you’ve read these novels, then you know what to expect because the style is quite similar. It is extremely fluffy and ML and subordinates pamper MC in each world. It has much less arcs than many quick transmigration books, with the MC only going to 5 worlds. Every arc is quite long and detailed. I like that there is a reason behind the system and the game, as well as why the ML always falls for the MC straight away.

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 Rebirth or Transmigration


After Becoming the Spare Tire, I was Stared at by the Villain and the Protagonist


Tags: Transmigration, system, farming

Summary: MC transmigrates into a cannon fodder who was in love with the female lead (FL), who has the protagonist and villain in love with her. MC tries to remove himself from the FL only to attract the attention of the protagonist and villain (ML).

Thoughts: ML is ruthless and doesn’t hesitate to hurt or kill people. However, this only shows up in a few instances in the novel and MC tries to curb it. MC and ML have a cute bickering type relationship. MC has to grow peppers as a task for the system and ML ended up eating the first two peppers that grew, making MC furious at him and constantly holds it over ML’s head. He also constantly forces ML to eat the peppers as punishment. ML is weird because he dislikes eating the peppers but he is possessive over them because he knows how much MC values them. So, he gets angry if MC appears to be giving them to someone else and voluntarily eats them, no matter how spicy. FL and protagonist both have abnormal brain circuits and can be annoying, especially FL. Don’t expect realistic aspects in this novel e.g. protagonist gets amnesia, ML’s background etc.

Elf Survival Manual (生存手)


Tags: Fantasy, magic, transmigration, NPCs.

Summary: MC is sick and can’t play the game anymore. As he logged in one last time to say farewell to the demon king, everyone in the castle including MC, demon king and his monster subordinates were summoned to another world by the god/consciousness of that world to save it. MC is in his game character body; an elf and he words with the demon king to transform the world using his elf magic.

Thoughts: MC and ML are both OP. ML and his subordinates seem aware of some of the abilities of gamers and ends up tricking some cash store stuff from the players, which they reproduce with their knowledge. In the game, ML falls in love with MC and keeps kidnapping him, only for the light side to kidnap him back. I like the fact that whenever MC logged out of the game, ML knows that the character left behind isn’t him, showing he fell in love with MC, not the character. After transmigrating to the other world, their relationship is fairly easy and there isn’t much drama. It’s more about building up their power and helping transform the world.

Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Protagonist’s Ex-Boyfriend (Quick title) (穿成重生男主前男友)

Tags: Transmigration into Novel, Rebirth, System.


Summary: Dying MC transmigrates into a novel. System tells him that as long as he follows the plot, once his character’s storyline ends, he can continue staying in this world or go back to his old world (not dying anymore). MC’s character originally forced ML to be his boyfriend and after getting tired of him, gave him away to a businessman. On the way to meeting the businessman, ML dies and is reborn, getting revenge on MC by suppressing his business. MC eventually dies a horrible death (but not caused by ML).

In the beginning, MC follows the story plot pretty closely because he will die if he causes the plot to deviate. In the end, everything goes off course because the ML is reborn not once, but twice. In the beginning, the ML was the original. Then there was a car accident and the ML from the end of the novel (i.e. the one who was betrayed and reborn) was reborn again. Thus, ML knows everything that happened in the novel and also knows MC is different.

Thoughts: There’s some drama in this and the relationship between MC and ML is more distrusting than sweet. They’re loving on the surface but they’re always testing each other and have distrusting thoughts under the surface, especially ML who is affected by his memories of the original. It has an interesting plot and is a good read.

Transmigrating to the Wild (穿到基建)


Status: 62 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Transmigration, gaming, NPC

Summary: MC is the strongest NPC priest of an online game. One day, the game was closing and MC waited for the collapse of the world, only to transmigrate to a primitive world. He is a weak member with a disabled husband (ML). So far, the novel is about healing the ML and building up their own tribe.

Thoughts: Good read so far. I like that ML knows that MC isn’t the original person and another soul entered him, shows ML isn’t dumb. MC has his skills but he needs to raise them again from level 1. So not instantly OP but still pretty strong.

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Unlimited Flow

(A tag on JJWXC. Means novels like Kaleidoscope of Death where people are summoned to unique spaces separate from the real world and have to complete tasks, generally stuff like puzzles, survival or horror games).

Congratulations on Your Successful Escape (恭喜成功逃生)


Tags: Escape game, horror

Summary: MC is drawn to another world along with other players and discovers it is an escape game where they have to stay alive. After clearing one world, they will return to reality for a certain period of time before being pulled into another game. ML isn’t a player but a strange existence that was the big boss in the first game. As MC was going to be killed by ML, he bites ML and manages to escape. However, they end up bound and ML can show up in reality (weakly at first but eventually more and more) and in MC’s other games, not being able to directly interfere but can help slightly.

Thoughts: I liked some of the games in this. But unlike other novels in the genre, this task involves surviving, not figuring out a mystery. Thus, sometimes it can seem less interesting. MC is smart and doesn’t always rely on ML to survive. The ending and explanation were a bit confusing, maybe because it was through MTL.

Non-Human Player (非人玩家)


Status: 124 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Unlimited flow, puzzles, gaming, streaming

Summary: MC is a non-human (artificial human) and as such, has no rights. He and other non-humans live in a facility and are forced to be anchors for entertainment, participating in several games that are quite detailed. MC was one of the strongest anchors until he was reset for some reason, losing all his memories. ML is an old player and seems to have some relationship with MC in the past.

Thoughts: The background is very depressing but the games are detailed and interesting. E.g. first game players are divided into two camps, each assigned a different role with different skills. Players have to determine the general of the opposite camp and kill them. MC is extremely smart and ML is strong. Still ongoing but games so far are good. Hopefully, the ending doesn’t go off the tracks.

Opening a Store in the Nightmare World (在噩梦世界开店)


Status: 162 chapters (Ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Unlimited flow, horror, supernatural

Summary: MC was in a coma until he found himself in a mysterious store. There are doors where he can travel between the real world and a nightmare world where he can obtain items to sell. The store healed his illness for a certain period of time and he can extend this lifespan using the store. The items he sells are random items he picks up in the Nightmare World, such as toilet paper, a vase etc. He can see the function of the items and their ratings. ML is the ghost possessing an umbrella he obtained (?). Haven’t read far enough to know his true identity.

Thoughts: Similar to the other unlimited flow novels in that people are drawn to instances and have to do tasks or survive. The difference is that MC can voluntarily enter and leave at any time. So he can either pretend to be a player or one of the NPCs. I’ve just started it and haven’t read all the released chapters, but seems interesting so far. 

To Be A Heartthrob in a Horror Movie (在恐怖片裡當萬人迷)

Translation Link:


Tags: Horror, supernatural, quick transmigration, unlimited stream, sweet.

Summary: Check the novelupdates synopsis.

Thoughts: I didn’t find it that scary, mainly because during the horror parts, you knew the MC would be fine with the ML’s help. Some arcs were better than others. It might seem like ML fell too easily for ML but this is easily explained.

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23 Replies to “BL Reading List (Updated 12/12/2019)”

  1. Thank you for sharing, it is a very good varied list, it adjusts to different tastes and moods


  2. Wow!! Wonderful List!!
    And this is I want to read the most to least.

    1. Great at Acting, Now I’m Reborn (超會演戲的我現在重生了)
    2. Marrying an Interstellar Superstar (星際寵婚巨星)
    3. I Want to Be in a Relationship (我就想谈个恋爱)
    4. Recapture the Entertainment Industry (重征娛樂圈﹝重生﹞
    5. After Marrying a Big Man, I Became the Most Popular Star of the Interstellar Network (跟大人物結婚後我成了星際第一網紅)
    6.Transmigrating to the Wild (穿到蛮荒搞基建)

    However, These’s just my fav., I will read whatever you trans. Thanks


  3. Thank you for sharing this list
    I like your choice of translated novel, and currently, I read Game Loading and Omniscient Reader’s viewpoint
    From your list, I am really interested with:
    – Number One Player (頭號​​玩家)
    – Criminal Minds (犯罪心理)
    – The King’s Game (國王遊戲[快穿])
    – After Marrying a Big Man, I Became the Most Popular Star of the Interstellar Network (跟大人物結婚後我成了星際第一網紅)

    (I’ll add them to my mtl soon to be read 😆. Thanks for your recommendation)
    I will read whatever your new translation project. Fighting 🐢😁


  4. Thank you for translating! So many novels on your list sound interesting. I got so excited reading your list! My reading hopes for danmei have risen! May we, the readers, vote on what gets translated next? Thank you!!!


  5. There are many novels that interest me especially those of entertainment, rebirth or transmigration, if only I could read Chinese … At least I can understand English: “D … (At times like that I’m glad I did not leave my English studies, so I can read more novels)


  6. Have any of you also read Fierce Silk Flower?

    I couldn’t wait for the translation (idk if they’re still translating) so I google mtled it and my brain fried after reading so much garbled english so I didn’t finish reading it.

    It was great though, even if I couldn’t wholly understand it I still loved it.


  7. I want this
    I want this 😢😢
    After Becoming the Spare Tire, I was Stared at by the Villain and the Protagonist
    Transmigrating as the Dead Fiance of the Movie Emperor (穿成影帝作死未婚夫[穿书])


  8. Hi,
    Do you know where can I read “Congratulations on your sucessful escape” without locked chapters?
    And do you have any recommendation unlimited flow novels? Raws is good too.. Also, can you share the links to me?

    Ps:thanks for the list! All of it are very good 😀


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