Can everyone please stop freaking out and emailing/pinging/messaging me on novelupdates & reddit whenever some stupid shit happens with Qidian?

If something happens that personally affects me, I will probably be the first one to know about it and don’t need dozens of notifications…

As for the latest thing regarding teams, I have no idea if this is an official stance or not. All I know is that it doesn’t affect me at the moment. There has been no mention of teams to me at all. I have negotiated terms that suit me at the moment. If anything changes that I’m not satisfied with then I won’t hesitate to quit.

To summarize: I really don’t need to wake up with dozens of notifications regarding people freaking out over Qidian stuff. Just assume that I already know please.

Regarding ORV, I have uploaded old chapters onto Just waiting on permission to start publishing new chapters. Will post a link on here once that happens.


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