New Story! The Earth is Online (BL) Chapters 1-5

Hey guys, this is the first of two new stories that I will be releasing. These chapters have been prepared for a while but real life got in the way of me releasing it.

It is called the Earth is Online and it is another novel by the same author of Rebirth of a Supermodel. What can I say? I love her couples.

Unlike her other novels that are mainly entertainment novels, this one is more action/adventure oriented. It is a type of survival game novel. Some of the games/ puzzles are a little complicated but I hope to do my best translating all the rules.

The other novel I will be doing is a BL gaming/e-sports novel so please look forward to that. I will be alternating between all three stories depending on what I feel like translating.

The Earth is Online will probably be a bit slower because it is more complicated and some of the chapters can get extremely long.

Check out the table of contents and synopsis here. 

Chapters 1-5 have been released and you can start off with chapter 1 below:

Chapter 1

Once again, any pledge on Patreon (no matter the amount), will get you access to the google drive of my novels, where chapters will sometimes be posted hours or days in advance depending on my schedule. If you pledge, just message me that it is for the BL novels and I will give you the link.


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