DS, DH & Other News

Hey guys,

Those who follow me will know that I took down my translations of Dimensional Sovereign and Dungeon Hunter from Gravitytales a while ago.

I’ve finally finished uploading them on this site and you can find them in the completed tab of the menu.

In other news, this site will be used as any side projects I’m doing.
Atm, I’m kinda craving Chinese danmei (boy’s love) novels, so I have started mtling one.

It is a side project and will be posted here soon. It will be clearly marked so those who don’t like BL and don’t want to receive updates about them should unsubscribe.

However, I also might pick up a shorter KR novel if I can find one I like enough to translate as a side project and if I have enough time. We will soon see.

My current projects:
Main: Overgeared and Book Eating Magician on Wuxiaworld
Side: BL CN novel called I’m not Shouldering this Blame, posted here.

4 Replies to “DS, DH & Other News”

  1. Gotta say, ain’t really a fan of BL novels, but still gonna keep following here for other side projects that may pop up – good luck/job on this side-project anyway o/


  2. Hi Turtle,
    Well, won’t read Chinese Danmei. At least, I learned what the word ment.
    Still, it feels weird (twisted ?)
    On the upside, thanks for great work on Overgeared and Book Eating Magician.
    I do read every chapter you translate on both novel.
    Will keep being faithful on those 2


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